American Concert Pianist, Steinway Artist, Susan Merdinger

Sheridan Music Studio Presents the Gift of Music! Year-end Donations still being accepted!

Dear Friends, Family and Fans! 

I want to wish you all Peace, Health and Propserity in this Joyous Holiday Saeason! 

I write to you now to remind you of the mission of Sheridan Music Studio Presents and ask you to consider a year-end tax-deductible contribution to my arts organization which represents many fine professional musicians including myself. Sheridan Music Studio Presents is a fiscally sponsored project of Fractured Atlas- which means that your contributions through the Fractured Atlas website are complete tax-deductible.  Sheridan Music Studio Presents- a Sponsored Project of Fractured Atlas 

So what do we do and what is the mission of Sheridan Music Studio? First of all, you should know that Sheridan Music Studio features the musical offerings of myself, Steinway Artist, Susan Merdinger; Sheridan Solisti- a select group of musicians who perform chamber music with me; Pianissimo!- a Four Pianist/Piano Ensemble which commissions new works for four pianos and two pianos- eight hands and performs repertoire for multiple pianos and orchestral transcriptions; and The Five Greenes- a mixed ensemble comprised of myself and Steven (piano), Stefanie (Soprano), Sarah (Viola) and Scott Greene (Clarinet and Composer).  We bring great classical music into communities and charitable organizations such as libraries, schools, nursing homes, hospitals and retirement communities which greatly benefit from our presentations and concerts provided at a very nominal cost to the presenters- far below what we might ordinarily receive as regular professional compensation for a standard concert series venue. 
This is just one reason that our activities cannot be sustained without your help! 

Additionally, we provide mentoring and coaching to advanced young music students while helping to promote their burgeoning careers as we actively try to sustain our own performing and teaching careers. This coming March 25th 2017, for example, I have personally organized a large Piano Concerto Extravaganza, which will feature two of my prodigy students in their concerto debuts with an orchestra at the Merit School of Music's Ann and Howard Gottlieb Hall. Pianissimo will perform the second half of the program with Bach-Vivaldi's concerto for Four Pianos,  Two Piano Concertos by Mozart and Poulenc and a Chicago Premier of American Composer, Jeremy Beck's Nightlife for Four Pianos. Nonetheless, there are still expenses not being covered by the sponsors of this concert, and your help will contribute to the success of this important event- probably the first of its kind in Chicago. Advance ticket sales for this concert, entitled Piano Masters: From Bach to Beck, are available online here: 

Just to give you an idea of just some of the charitable outreach concert venues where I and various members of Sheridan Music Studio have performed: Merit School of Music, Metro Curie Chicago Public High School; Highland Park High School; Covenant Village; Self-Help Home, Chicago; Lake Forest Place, IL, The Willows, NY; Fellowship Village, NJ; International House, Chicago; libraries and houses of worship in Chicagoland and New York; ...and many more. 

During one recent concert it really warmed my heart to see dozens of elderly people, some confined to wheelchairs, who would never be able to attend an outside public concert without great difficulty and expense, sitting there in rapt attention, or sometimes with eyes closed and smiles on their faces. Afterwards the audience members expressed so much gratitude for this heavenly music which brightened their day immeausrably. Similarly, after a lecture-recital which Pianissimo! performed for a Chicago Public High School, we received beautiful notes of gratitude from the students who had not heard the music of Wagner or Debussy or Saint-Saens presented to them in a novel two piano-eight hand format with informative and witty commentary.The short-term benefits of attending a live concert are clear, but the long term benefits of our presenations are infinite! 

Therefore, the mission of Sheridan Music Studio is to not only ENRICH people's lives with the "Sound of Music", but to INSPIRE and TEACH our young audiences and students more about Classical Music and so they too may become involved in the creation and performance of it, to help to COMMISSION new music by contemporary composers and thereby continue the tradition of Classical Music in the 21st century, and to CREATE recordings of our music, to leave a legacy for future generations to benefit from long after we are gone! 

What is the price of being able to secure, produce and perform these charitable concerts and our professional engagements? It is full-time work for me and my colleagues. Time which is spent on the telephone, emailing, planning and organizing, marketing and advertising, editing our recording sessions, and of course, most importantly, practicing and rehearsing!!! Then there are the expenses such as tuning our pianos and maintaining our instruments, purchase of music and concert wardrobe, commissioning of new works by contemporary composers, travel and accommodation expenses, management fees or commissions, when applicable, paid marketing and advertising, as well as self-produced commercial recordings involving audio and video engineering fees and venue rentals. 

Yes, THIS IS FULL-TIME work, without guaranteed salary, income or benefits for those of us who are independent musicians, and it is unfortunate that much of the public funding and grants for individuals, ensembles and special projects are drying up in this country. This is why most concert artists depend on the good will of patrons and and private funding sources to keep their careers and their music alive. When you support musicians like myself, not only do you allow for the CULTURE of MUSIC to be present in ALL people's lives, but you also support the livelihood of many - the sound engineers, the graphic designers, the piano technicians and us PERFORMERS!!!. Most importantly, you guarantee that CLASSICAL MUSIC WILL NOT BE LOST FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS. 

If you have enjoyed hearing me and/or my colleagues perform live in a free concert in recent years, I hope you will consider a tax-deductible donation to help keep SHERIDAN MUSIC STUDIO music alive and to allow it to reach the audiences that want and need it most. 

You can visit the Fractured Atlas website page for SHERIDAN MUSIC STUDIO PRESENTS, to make a one-time or ongoing monthly contribution.  Sheridan Music Studio Presents- a Sponsored Project of Fractured Atlas 
Please know that every contribution no matter how big or small is important - it is your support of and participation in sustaining Classical Music that means the most to all of us! 

Thank you and best wishes for a most Happy and Healthy Holiday Season! Please enjoy the attached FREE DOWNLOAD fo Pianissimo!'s performance of our commissioned transcription of Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade by Margarita Zelenaia. 

Susan Merdinger, Founder and Artistic Director of Sheridan Music Studio

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