American Concert Pianist, Steinway Artist, Susan Merdinger



American Melting Pot Reviews:

All of the compositions on this disc embrace tonality, melody, and explore a wide range of musical influences, including classical, popular, and folk elements. And in the main, the works are conceived for a virtuoso pianist, one with an impressive technique, as well as a sensitivity for a wide range of moods, colors, and styles. Throughout American Melting Pot, Merdinger demonstrates those qualities in abundance....The shimmering textures of the Vazquez Ballade are an intriguing foil to the angular and often percussive writing in Gould’s Pieces of China. And Merdinger proves expert in capturing the spirit of each.....Susan Merdinger has provided an important service by performing and recording contemporary American piano works that are of a very high caliber. ” - Ken Meltzer

— Fanfare Magazine

This is a fascinating disc of unusual music” - Lynn Rene Bayley

— Art Music Lounge

The final piece on the agenda is Shtetl Scenes by Russian-born composer Ilya Levinson (b. 1958). It recounts scenes in a small Jewish village in pre-World War II Eastern Europe. Here, Ms. Merdinger performs the trio version of the work, accompanied by David Yonan, violin, and Christopher Ferrer, cello. The music is melancholic, dramatic, joyful, introspective, energetic, and haunting by turns. The piece itself and the trio’s realization of it afforded some of my favorite moments in the album.  ” - John J. Puccio

— Classical Candor

Chosidl is a slow dance that builds in energy and tempo, just the right thing to end a diverse and well-balanced suite in which Susan is joined by violinist David Yonan and cellist Christopher Ferrer. All contribute to the color and diversity of timbre needed to bring this suite to life. ” - Phil Muse

— Atlanta Audio Club